• Burt Rutan to be honored at the 2015 Wright Memorial Dinner

    The 68th annual Wright Memorial Dinner will be held on Friday, December 11th, at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. This year’s recipient is Burt Rutan, world-renowned aerospace engineer, who designed the record-breaking Voyager, which was the first plane to fly around the world without stopping or refueling.
  • The 2015 Donald D. Engen Trophy for Aviation Excellence

    The 2015 Donald D. Engen Trophy for Aviation Excellence will be presented to Will Ris of American Airlines at the Club’s December 3 luncheon.

Welcome to the Aero Club of Washington

The Aero Club of Washington is an historic aviation club, founded in 1909 in Washington DC, with the mission of providing a forum for the discussion and advancement of aviation and aerospace. We host hundreds of national and international aerospace leaders at our monthly luncheons as well as hosting other industry events, like the annual Wright Memorial Dinner. Our members are representative of all the industry segments – from airports, airlines, trade associations, manufacturers, labor to general and business aviation, law firms, FAA and DOT personnel and aviation enthusiasts!  We welcome you to the Aero Club of Washington!

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Robert A. “Bob” Hoover honored at the Aero Club’s 67th annual Wright Memorial Dinner!

“There are very few people in the world that capture the history, progress, importance, and sheer excitement of aviation and aerospace like Bob Hoover,” Albaugh said. “For 70 years he has set the standard for skill, leadership, and bravery which may last forever.” – Jim Albaugh, Chairman of NAA

An icon of the aviation community, Hoover is considered one of the great pilots in history. At the age of 92, he is a living bridge from the origins of flight and space travel to the present, having personally known industry giants such as Orville Wright, Eddie Rickenbacker, Charles Lindbergh, James H. Doolittle, Chuck Yeager, Jacqueline Cochran, Neil Armstrong, and Yuri Gagarin. Doolittle called him, “the greatest stick-and-rudder man who ever lived.” Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier, called Hoover, “the best pilot flying today.” The Centennial of Flight edition of Air & Space Smithsonian named him the third greatest aviator in history.

Hundreds of guests attended the Wright Memorial Dinner to honor Bob Hoover for his many contributions to the art and science of aviation on Friday, December 12, 2014.